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The Seattle theft crime attorney at Guadagno Law, PLLC can defend your rights no matter what charges you face. Should your case go to court, you can rely on my extensive courtroom experience to guide you through the legal procedures ahead of you. You probably have a lot of questions and concerns about your theft crime case and what you should do next. This is especially true if this is your first time navigating the complex and intimidating judicial system.

Thus, it’s in your best interests to contact my firm today at (206) 569-8995 to learn how our Seattle theft crime lawyer can help you move forward with your life.

I believe everyone should have access to adequate and reliable legal representation, regardless of their financial situation. As a former prosecutor, I have witnessed firsthand how difficult it can be for defendants with a poor legal defense team to feel hopeful for a favorable outcome. Luckily, you can gain peace of mind knowing that I can aggressively defend your rights by utilizing my key insider knowledge of the other side of the courtroom to work in your favor. I proudly offer all of my initial clients a free case evaluation and 24-hour access to discuss your case in the event that you need emergency legal counsel.

Fighting Theft Charges Throughout Seattle

Some of the most common theft crimes Guadagno Law, PLLC has seen over the years include shoplifting, robbery and burglary. If you are accused of a theft crime, regardless of the value of the item or service involved, you need to discuss your legal options with me, a Seattle theft crime attorney, as soon as possible. Whether the charges stem from misunderstanding or a lapse in judgment, your future is at stake. I have the know-how and resources to help you work towards the most positive case outcome possible.

In the state of Washington, “theft” means:

  • To wrongfully obtain or exert unauthorized control over the property or services of another or the value thereof, with intent to deprive him or her of such property or services
  • By color or aid of deception to obtain control over the property or services of another or the value thereof, with intent to deprive him or her of such property or services
  • To appropriate lost or misdelivered property or services of another, or the value thereof, with intent to deprive him or her of such property or services

The state supports the following defenses against theft charges:

  • The property or service was appropriated openly and avowedly under a claim of title made in good faith, even though the claim may be untenable
  • The property was merchandise pallets that were received by a pallet recycler or repairer in the ordinary course of its business

As a skilled former prosecutor who defends those accused of theft, I have valuable knowledge of how to implement an effective defense strategy. Depending on the unique details of your case, since each case is different, I can devise a compelling, personalized defense on your behalf.

The following lays the foundation for which your comprehensive defense strategy can expand from:

  • Claim of ownership
  • You owned the property
  • Intoxication
  • Entrapment
  • Returned property
  • Lack of intent

Penalties for Theft in Washington

Individuals accused of theft in the state of Washington may be convicted and punished according to the following:

  • First-degree theft - Up to $20,000 in fines and 14 years in jail
  • Second-degree theft - Up to $10,000 in fines and five years in jail
  • Third-degree theft - Up to $5,000 in fines and one year in jail

A person convicted of a theft crime might also have trouble securing future employment because having a criminal record can make employers doubt your integrity and trustworthiness.

Don't allow a theft crime charge to limit your future opportunities. Contact a Seattle theft crime lawyer today!

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