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    After having experienced one of the most difficult times in my life after being charged for a crime, I contacted Albert at Guadagno Law. Albert was able to help me in this difficult time and was able to take a very stressful situation and put me at ease. Albert promised that he would work hard and diligently for me, and he did. I was able to win my case due to him. Albert was gracious, direct, and honest about my case and what he was going to do to help me win. I will highly recommend Guadagno Law if one needs to seek legal advice.

    - Ben

    Seattle, WA
  • Impressive defense attorney
    I have never had to hire an attorney before and Albert was just amazing. He took on my case quickly and was incredibly efficient and professional. He spent hours with me on the phone over several months, helping to ease my fears and worries and offering words of encouragement and advice. Albert is kind, thoughtful and generous with his time and I consider him a friend. He was very supportive to me during such A difficult time in my life. He fought tirelessly for me and my family with great success. He truly went above and beyond to fight for a full dismissal. I highly recommend his services.

    - Coral

    Marysville, WA
  • Puts his heart & soul into protecting his clients
    I have been a client of Alberts for going on 3 years, he has been there for me during a very difficult time in my life. Never was there a time when I was not able to be in contact him, weekday or weekends. He has given his all to go to bat for me and defend me in every possible way. He is very educated in his profession! I have again and again recommended him to anyone I know who is in need of representation.

    - Jay M.

    Issaquah, WA
  • Albert was incredible!!
    Albert was absolutely amazing! He quickly took my case on short notice and helped me immensely. I highly recommend him. If you are hesitant or feeling apprehensive, DONT!! He is worth every penny

    - Tracy

    Puyallup, WA
  • The best and professional lawyer
    Mr.Guadagno is very professional, friendly , attentive and very supportive when you face a difficult situation. Gave you support and comfort makes you feel you have someone who really cares and is there to help you. Always available to reach regardless if it is week days or weekend. Response to you immediately and works with you. We really really appreciate his support in a time we were stressed out he gave us so much comfort. Really recommend him to others. Grateful to know him .

    - Adiba

    Bellvue, WA
  • Excelente
    Sinceramente estoi satisfecha porque Alberto Guandageno Alludo muy bien enel casi de mi hijo lo recomiendo hiso un excelente trabajo en la defensa de mi hijo si yo le mandaba textos me respondía en minutos si le abla a por teléfono inmediatamente me respondía igual si le escribí correos electrónicos respondía rápido y me desia esactamente lo que estaba pasando enel caso de mi hijo porque mi hijo dio autorización que me dijera lo que pasaba y gracias a él abogado Alberto todo salió bien es un ángel que Dios pone en el camino de los que nesesitan su alluda muchas gracias abogado Alberto Guandageno

    - Mamá feliz

    Seattle, WA
  • Albert Guadagno truly cares
    Albert really goes above and beyond to not only treat you as a client - but as a human. He listens to your situation, tries to understand from different sides, and lets you know what to expect honestly without sugar-coating. His year’s of experience in law really helps you navigate a, sometimes, convoluted legal system with confidence affordably and with careful attention to detail. Highly recommend.

    - Kienan

    Seattle, WA
  • 110% in your corner
    Albert is 110% in your corner. His prior experience as a prosecutor is what drew me to hiring him. He knows the process from all sides and will fight for you as well as explain outcome possibilities in great detail. He is also a tremendous listener who empathizes and puts your mind at ease (without giving you false expectations) He is a consummate professional of whom I would hire again if needed. Go with someone that not only has the knowledge and skills to help you through your case, but will also be a human being by listening to your concerns. Go with Albert.

    - CS

    Seattle, WA
  • Hands down, THE BEST.
    To start off, When I first needed an attorney I was extremely stressed, scared, confused, and almost lost. Finding Albert has been an extreme blessing. To say he is amazing, is an understatement. He’s met all my expectations and more. The weight he took off my back is immaculate. Not only that, I was looking at prison time. Now I’m looking at NO prison or NO jail time. He really is the best person and lawyer. I could go on and on about the the amazing work of this man. HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend!

    - Brittney S

    Everett, WA
  • "So Thankful to have Albert in our corner"
    When our son with special needs had a meltdown that turned physical which resulted in him getting arrested, and then assigned a public defender who had no knowledge of his situation, or desire for knowledge, and had no communication with our son, we learned very quickly the court system doesn't understand someone with special needs, and isn't set up for it very well, and it was the first time he had ever been in trouble. It was super scary, and we weren't sure how to go forward or what to do. Trying to find an attorney that understands disability law, autism, and the legal process etc. was NOT easy. I messaged many and only a few responded through email, and despite their website claims they all basically either had no experience, or they just were dismissive and said "well if he got in trouble with police he needs to learn". As his second court date was getting closer, and with absolutely no contact from the public defender he was assigned who met him for 2 minutes before his first court date, we were really worried. My son was scared, felt awful, felt like he was a bad person, and terrified of going back to jail. I found Albert and messaged him on a Friday at 4:30 in the afternoon, I didn't expect to hear anything until Monday as it was the weekend. Albert didn't email he called me 15 minutes later and listened to me talk on the phone for quite awhile, and immediately was a calming presence and really took the time to listen to my concerns and our long weird story. He then told us he could help, and then explained his background and his experience as an atty but also his experience in defending several clients with special needs similar to my son's. He worked with us and the thing we really appreciated most was how he talked with our son who is a young adult, he did not speak down to him, or at him. he spoke to him and treated him like any other client who needed legal help. This was for me as a parent and legal guardian the first indicator that he actually understood and had experience helping special needs clients, and wasn't just talk. Throughout the whole process, he explained every step to us and put up with our endless calls and emails with questions, and was always so gentle and kind about it, and really took time with us. We didn't feel like a number. Here is a few words from my son: "I felt bad that I had a meltdown and made a mistake, and I was very scared about court and afraid I might have to go back to jail. I didn't get to talk to my old atty the court gave me, she never called me and I didn't even have a number to call her. My parents told me they found an atty to help, I was worried still. But Albert really helped me understand, and didn't make me feel bad, he told me that good people sometimes make mistakes, and I wasn't as scared going to court again as long as he was there. He let me call him for updates anytime, and when we got to meet with him the first time in person I was nervous he might not listen to me like the last person I worked with, but he listened and let me talk and tell my story. I am thankful he was able to help me. He is someone I think of as a friend. He always explained things I did not understand. I am thankful he helped me get my charges ultimately dismissed." Our family highly highly recommends Albert Guadagno as an atty to help you if you wind up in a situation you need help with! Albert clearly loves what he does and it shows. If you find yourself in a situation you need help with, he should be your first call. I will not only recommend him to anyone, but especially anyone with special needs that needs someone to help them and ease their fears, Albert is your guy. He is worth every penny, and we are so so so grateful to find him when we did. He calmed not only my son, but his scared parents. Thank you Albert! You have a gift!

    - JK

    MV, WA
  • El Abogado que no solo brindara el mejor resultado a tu caso pero que también te brindará el mejor servicio desde la primer llamada
    Alberto no solo te brinda un servicio. Alberto se pone en tu lugar y te brinda una atención personalizada y dedicada desde la primera llamada qué tú haces. Al exponerle tu caso te acompaña con simpatía, experiencia y sobretodo consciencia. Alberto no trata de lucrarse pidiéndote sumas exageradas de dinero al contrario se ajusta a tu presupuesto y trabaja contigo con arreglos de pagos para que logres tener su apoyo y servicio en el momento que necesites. El se ajusta a tus necesidades porque tiene pasión por lo que hace y quiere genuinamente ayudarte. Alberto para mi no fue solo mi abogado defensor sino q fue un ángel en mi camino. No solo gano el caso e hizo que se borrara todo tipo récord en mi nombre pero también se ha convertido en un gran amigo y consejero ya que es un hombre íntegro de muchos valores y principios. No puedo dejar de agradecer lo que hizo por mi y de la manera que me levanto cuando me sentía mas abatida. No lo pienses mas! Llámale, pidele una consulta y comprueba de lo q te estoy hablando. El desde el día 1 te brinda el mejor servicio. Tiene mucho gusto y pasión por su profesión y lo demuestra. Una review le queda corta a todo lo que este gran abogado merece. Su profesionalismo, experiencia y lo gente que es lo hacen la mejor elección para cualquier tipo de situación que te encuentres que aunque en el momento crees que no le hayas salida o solución Alberto siempre tendrá una para ti! El no solamente te sacará del problema pero te acompañará en el proceso. Gracias Albert por tu gran profesionalismo y carisma! Eres 100!

    - Paola Betanco

    Seattle, WA
  • Extremely Grateful for Albert!
    After talking to two other attorneys that were very unhelpful, I was about to lose hope. Then I was referred to Albert, and I knew without hesitation that he was the attorney to represent me. He was honest, helpful and extremely knowledgeable. I had never been in a situation where I needed to hire an attorney. I made a mistake that turned my life upside down. I was terrified and confused about the situation I was in. He immediately made me feel at ease with his understanding and kindness. He gave me the confidence I needed to get through the entire process. Albert was always available to go over any questions or concerns I had himself. He was tough and relentless in negotiating with the prosecutor on my case and was able to get the second charge dropped. I am so grateful for Albert. I couldn't have asked for a better attorney, and I would recommend him to anyone looking for representation. He is truly a pleasure to work with.

    - Wendy

    Marysville, WA
  • Blessing. Truly. The day I called Albert was the beginning of Catharsis, Sincerely. As My grandfather would say God has Given instead of Thank you. This man is dedicated and listens, call you will begin to get sense of relief-the duanting becomes unduanted
    He answered every question patiently, went over every possible scenario, including sentencing and probation early on because I live in another state and desperately to get back to my family, as it was my case was already delayed-first arrest.. I can not express enough that calling Albert was the begging of the end of the series of truly unfortunate events. I really needed to find Albert when I did. I was hopeless. No one was listening. I was awful. Its scary being arrested for priors you never had. They were gonna give me an affidavit to sign so I wouldn't need the breathalyzer that I was not suppose to have to begin with. Albert has done everything in his power to help get me back to my remaining family, stressing to the court my financial limitations, physical also-he has a wholistic approach to meeting client needs and moving things along at a pace you feel comfortable. He will get you the time and complete information you need and talk with you over again until you feel this is this way you want to go! I am so grateful, as well as my family and folks in my corner. My folks say, "Sweet Dude, loves what he does."

    - Teresa

    Portland, OR
  • Thrilled to have Albert as my lawyer
    The quick & direct communication definitely stayed the norm. From the first call, Albert showed exactly the kind of legal insight and experience that assured me and gave me confidence. I happened to review his website only after the call. By then the responses from his other clients/reviewers rang true to me and made hiring him feel like an easy decision. I am now over-the-moon grateful I did. I was extremely lucky he led my case, which he quickly resolved. The end-to-end experience was a level of service I never expected this being my first time hiring an attorney. Added to his professionalism, Albert is a very good-natured guy who demonstrated consideration and was true to his word the whole time. I can not recommend him enough.

    - Chase

    Seattle, WA
  • Albert made the difference
    I had been dealing with a legal issue for the first time in my life, I made a huge mistake and was suffering the consequences of that mistake. Looking at potential prison time, losing my career in the medical field as well as derailing my life that I’ve bled and sacrificed to have. This issue was going on for almost three years and I was grossly under represented by my current attorney. About to lose hope, I finally looked into getting better representation, which is when I came across Albert online. The first thing that I was impressed with about Albert was the genuine and meaningful reviews that his past clients had made, almost everyone of them expressed that he fought as hard as he could as long as he could for his clients to make sure that they got the best possibly outcome. I decided on a Tuesday evening at 7:30pm to contact Albert to leave a message about my situation. I was absolutely surprised on the second ring of the call to hear his voice. We chatting for over an hour. I knew from the moment he picked up so late in the evening that I needed someone like him on my side. At that point I ditched the representation I had and continued my case with Albert. Almost instantly my feeling of uncertainty and questioning were eased as Albert dove into my case to get caught up extensively on everything that had been going on for three years. In a matter of weeks I felt like Albert had made more progress on my case and been able to have more meaningful discussions and traction with my prosecuting attorney than my previous counsel did in years or negotiating. Fast forward to about four months into working with Albert on my case and we finally were able to come to a decision about my sentencing. It ended up being similar to my original terms but with much more feasible agreements to allow me to still be able to work on work release, as well as not having to serve my time in a terrible county jail away from my my family. Like the reviews for Albert I read online initially, he really did not give up fighting for me until I got the best possible outcome for my case. I cannot thank him enough for his hard work and diligence, without it, I truly believe my life would be much different and I would still be left with the question of “could I have done better?”. I would recommend Albert to anyone in my life and will absolutely work with him again if the need arose. Until then I am thankful to call him a friend.

    - Aaron

    Seattle, WA
  • Case Dismissed!
    I would without hesitation recommend Albert to anyone in need of a defense attorney. Not only is his talent as a lawyer remarkable, but the passion and genuine care with which he handled my case is something I am ever thankful for. Going through this process for the first time is NOT PLEASANT - I was horrified at my treatment and portrayal by the police and prosecution (the whole system is actually quite shocking and dehumanizing) - however from the moment Albert was hired, I felt like a person with a voice and dignity again. He never missed a call, rushed an explanation, or gave anything less than 100% of his efforts. And as a result, my worries throughout the process were significantly lessened, and we managed to get the case dismissed after ~2 months. Give this man a call!

    - Matt

    Seattle, WA
  • I believe that sometimes people are meant to cross paths, GRATEFUL
    My story - To say the least we were hesitant from the beginning, hiring an attorney from across the states and we knew nothing about him or his case work (or if he was a REAL attorney); I believe that sometimes people are meant to cross paths; With a series of unfortunate events, Albert was hired as my husband's attorney for not one but two cases; He moved mountains to make things happened; He was successful in squashing a warrant that was almost 30 years old and vacating a felony; Albert was compassionate, funny, and professional; He was a man of his word; He gave us both scenarios, the good and the bad; He was truthful and always available (Seriously ANYTIME you call Albert - You will speak with ALBERT); Too say we were satisfied is an understatement, we are so grateful to have crossed paths with Albert, that we intend on visiting him next time we are in Seattle; I typically do not provide review's, however, I'm taking time to do so now because I would want anyone to rest assured that if they are considering Albert or know anyone who would need his representation, don't hesitate, its truly been a pleasure working with him.

    - Tonya

    Indianapolis, IN
  • A very good and highly capable attorney!!
    I came to Albert over a domestic issue that I was facing that was false. Albert was able to get a dismissal of a violation of a order of protection I was wrongfully facing. Albert also took a lot of time to explain things to a person such as myself who had never been in this situation before. He was very helpful ,competent and reassuring. Not all attorney's are like this guy, you will be in good hands if you hire him. Thanks again Albert!!! Vincent R.

    - Vincent R.

    Tacoma, WA
  • Best attorney a man could ask for
    I can genuinely say that if you want someone that will fight till the end and support you every second of the way, than Albert is your person. After a long case together I got to know Albert and he his very passionate about his work. He his hardworking, witty, funny, and downright an amazing lawyer. I was truly blessed to take the leap and trust him with my case because the outcome was the best situation possible and I will forever be grateful to him. I think the most important thing is, is that when he makes a promise, he will go above and beyond to make that happen. He is a person that refuses to take no for an answer. If anything was to happen again, I would never hesitate to call him instantly. He works constantly around the clock, and is there for your every need. I promise you that if you decide to have Albert as your lawyer, it will be the best decision you have ever made. Thank you Albert!

    - Skyler

    Ellensburg, WA
  • The best lawyer ever, seriously
    This man is an angel, I’m so grateful that I stumbled upon him. From the first phone call I had with him before even meeting with him, he showed compassion and understanding and made it a lot less stressful. He truly puts his everything into his job and goes above and beyond for his clients. You will not regret choosing him as your lawyer. I will always look at him as a friend. Якщо ви шукаєте адвоката, алберть сами найкращий він все на лучше вам зробить.

    - Kat

    Seattle, WA
  • As John Wayne once said "That Man Has Sand"
    He worked tirelessly, understood what we wanted for an outcome then put his experience in motion and turned a Feloney charge down to a Duii. Albert's lives by the motto " Sometimes good people make bad mistakes". Albert will never sugar coat or tell you what you want to hear at times ( which is a rarity any more) but will put all options and work with you to get the best results for you. If u ever have the need to require his service he will tell you , he is 100% in your court, you will get his personal phone to call 24/7 and you deal directly with him not some office person. You will also get complete package from him, not just a base fee and like other attorneys everytime u call they charge you by the minute. Albert is the man if you want an honest, upfront, ethical compassionate attorney that takes your case seriously. By the way if he does take your case its because sometimes good people make bad mistakes and he will let you know in 5min. after meeting you if you good people. Like everyone he needs to make a living to but he WILL NOT take your case if he believes he cannot do you justice

    - MM

    Noti, OR
  • Dignity Intact.
    If you need help wading through the mire of the judicial system, I highly recommend Albert Guadagno.  He has vast experience working on both sides of the court room to give you the most comprehensive defense. His personnal attention and perspective to each case is invaluable. My case could have turned out very differently with  irreparable damage if it was not for his care and commitment. Not only is he excellent in his knowledge of the law, his understanding of the human experience provokes compassion and redemption against a system designed to devour and destroy decent human beings.  I can say he is a champion standing in the way of the cold, brutal, harshness  of our court system. If you need a attorney that is all in for your protection,  Albert Guadagno is there to help you! Thank you Albert,  you are a life saver.

    - Mason

    Port Orchard, WA
  • Leader in the business
    This is a very trust worthy and professional institution. They treat you like an individual and gets results which is what matters in the end! They fight tooth and nail for you. Highly highly recommend!

    - Esther

    Seattle, WA
  • There for you in every way!
    I’m incredibly thankful I basically stumbled upon Albert. I live in Lake Stevens and was looking for a lawyer closer to me for the DUI I received last year. I found him online and felt very comfortable right away when I spoke with him on the phone so I set up a meeting, even though he was in Seattle, I’m so glad I did! I truly can’t say enough good things about Albert. He’s extremely helpful in every way, answered every question and then some. He’s honest, straight forward about the whole process and he will do anything he can to make sure you’re taken care of and to get the absolute best outcome he can for you. I highly recommend Albert for representation and feel truly lucky I found him!

    - Jasmine

    Lake Stevens, WA
  • The real deal
    Albert treated me like a human being. He listened to me. He also was honest about the facts of the case so I always knew where I stood. You will be hard pressed to find a better defense attorney in Seattle.

    - Mj

    Seattle, WA
  • Its actually a pleasure to have Albert as your attorney
    After being set up in a Domestic violence case I really needed someone in my corner to see the reality of the situation . Albert took the time to listen and understand my situation. He has a very honest transparency that is both friendly and straight forward. When Albert tells you he will do everything in his power to get the best outcome , he means it! It might take patience, but it is definitely worth the wait. Albert really cares .Making sure you understand the process and your options with comforting optimism ! I would definitely recommend Albert Guadagno for excellent represention. Plus you will gain a friend !

    - Client Scott

    Seattle, WA
  • Above and beyond
    My partner and I had to be at a hearing half-way across the state in two days, we started looking for lawyers on Saturday night. Albert was not only the single lawyer we were able to actually reach, but he actually opened up his office after hours on a weekend to meet with and go over everything with us. Working your way through the legal system for the first time is confusing, stressful and frightening. My partner and I are also incredible anxious people. Albert was able to explain and illustrate the process (multiple times) in a way that was reassuring, personable and made us feel so much more at-ease. Albert laid out all the possible outcomes of the case clearly and the end-result was one of the better scenarios he had projected as he was able to get us a reduced sentence that we were really pleased with. If you find yourself in the position where you need a Seattle criminal defense attorney who is professional, accessible, empathetic and actually pretty funny please contact Albert. I can not recommend him enough.

    - Client

    Seattle, WA
  • Albert Guadagno has a silver tongue and a very sharp eye.
    Albert Guadagno is without a doubt professional and courteous as a lawyer as I've ever met. Took care of my issues and made sure that I stayed straight with my court dates. I would highly recommend Albert for any legal or just regular advice situation. I really feel blessed for having to meet him and for him to help me with my situation.

    - Dustin

    E., DC
  • A friend in your corner
    Working with Albert was an absolute blessing. He really takes the time to get to know you so he can truly make a defense from your corner. Our phone calls were always filled with laughs to help ease the painful situation. He's brilliant and easy to trust. I would always recommend him again and again.

    - A. G.

    Puyallup, WA
  • Kind and Brillant!
    I am so thankful that Albert was , and still my lawyer!! Regardless what anyone is going thru I know , and can tell you first -hand he is kind , relative to your needs , and makes you feel like you matter. I would give a referral to absolutely anyone !He takes the time to care ! Regardless how busy he may be ... you would never know he is soo busy , and regards everyone as number one priority! He is so kind , compassionate, and hard working ...beyond awesome. He has passion , and articulates your side with brilliance ! I feel lucky that I hired him!

    - D

    Seattle, WA
  • Best lawyer around
    Was really nervous going into my case, until I met Albert. And he literally walks you step by step, And doesn’t change the subject until you fully understand what’s going on! You can literally call him anytime with any questions and he will help you out with no hesitation. By far the best lawyer out there. Thanks again for everything Albert!

    - S. K.

    Renton, DC
  • Albert is great!
    Albert was really helpful in my case. It was a false Assault 4 allegation. Albert was really considerate in understanding my situation and handled the case maturely. He went above and beyond in neogitating a favourable decision from the court. Highly recommend him.

    - SP

    Seattle, WA
  • When I do need a lawyer it will be Guadagno...
    Let me begin by saying that I did not end up needing to hire Mr. Guadagno as my attorney, because he handled my problem in consultation. Coming into contact with the judicial system can be a terrifying experience for the un-initiated. I had just been to court and received documents regarding my case that I did not understand and from my limited perspective seemed un-fair and not at all what I "thought" had occurred at my court hearing. Mr. Guadagno calmly and professionally put my mind at ease by explaining with perfect clarity that what I was looking at was completely normal. What I had thought to be an egregious mistake was actually my mis-understanding of the jargon and way the paperwork is setup. I also need to stress that this man answered his office phone at 5 A.M....yes I was calling at 5 A.M. expecting to leave a message on an answering machine. What this tells me is that this mans work ethic is strong and he is busy enough to be in the office in the wee hours of the morning. With that being said, a man that busy did not have to take the time to give me so much information and in such an attentive manner as he did. I'm glad I didn't need to hire a lawyer for my case, but when I do need a lawyer it will be Mr. Guadagno.

    - Adam T.

    Kent, WA
  • Lawyer with a heart
    Albert Guadagno is a great lawyer, he cares with his clients. Lawyer with a good heart.

    - JB

    Tacoma, WA
  • "Extra Mile" kind of office
    I had occasion to contact Mr. Guadagno regarding a mutual client. He was so easy to work with and made the process easy. Can't say enough good things about his office and willing to go that extra mile.

    - JANICE

  • He was non judgmental and personable
    Albert was very professional, educated, always available, and personable. I never felt like he judged me for my situation and I felt like he actually cared about the results of my case. I wasn't just some client, I wasn’t just being processed, I was treated with respect and care. He was always available to answer questions and to explain things I did not understand. He is well spoken and extremely knowledgeable. Albert Guadagno got my case settled smoothly and kept me posted every step of the way.

    - DVDR

    Sultan, WA
  • Passionate
    Albert was wonderful throughout the entire legal process. He was always very quick to respond and was very thorough. Whenever I had a question he was always patient and explained everything so I could understand. He is very passionate and will work really hard for you! I had a very good end result and am happy I chose Albert.

    - KB

    Shoreline, WA
  • Albert is great
    Albert genuinely helped me and was readily available via text, call or other method. Very passionate and valuable feedback and knowledgeable of the law. Thank you!

    - J

    Seattle, WA
  • 5 stars doesn’t cut it
    Albert Guadagno is a man of his word. He gives 1000% of his time and energy to do everything in his power to represent you fairly and to the best of his abilities. No nonsense, no beating around the bush, just a good man that will give you a helping hand if you need one.

    - Chad

    Seattle, WA
  • Never felt judged, always comfortable and felt protected!
    Albert has been so helpful throughout this whole process. I was so scared going into this situation, but he eased my mind right from the start, and I immediately knew I wanted to work with him. He made me comfortable, made me laugh and most of all, didn’t judge me one bit. His communication is superb, and questions were answered quickly.

    - Former Client

    Issaquah, WA
  • Professional with Personal Attention
    As a parent I have been very impressed with Albert. I’m not sure how my son found Albert but what a great attorney! They share a friendship that one normally does not get to have with their attorney. He is always available for conversation and wise advice. I have been amazed at the personal attention and great service Albert has provided my son and for me too. If you are looking for an experienced attorney with good communication skills then look no further. You will be in great hands!

    - CSW

    Houston, TX
  • Exceeded expectations on a professional and personal level!
    As far as representing me in my case this law group was by far the easiest group of people I have ever worked with, its unfortunate that I needed a lawyer in the first place but if you are ever in the situation where you need representation then this is the group to call, any time I had a question or needed to know something about my case this group of lawyers was always on point to help me! The easiest court situation I have ever been thru, hopefully, I'll never need you again but if I do, you will for sure be my first call.
    Mt. Vernon, WA
  • Fast, punctual, responsive
    I contacted Albert after not receiving the service from a previous lawyer that I had paid in full. I sought second council because this was my second DUI with obstruction and resisting arrest charges. I am a good person whom made a poor choice. He took my case with the clock ticking to the last possible second before the bomb would've went off and I'd have no other choice but jail, loss of license, job. He recommended a deferred prosecution in which is intense but clears your record and as long as you do your part you can move on with your life. We were facing one of the toughest judges in Snohomish county who threatened to not grant a deferred. When we went to court to enter in a deferred the judge actually apologized to us for a small clerical error! Then the DOL problems because they have updated their system that comes with a series of problems, he has been stead fast to get to the superiors at DOL to gain my driving privileges back actually in better standing that we initially thought or were told via letters from that department. He's experienced with handling the current DOL issues and is quick to resolve. Great guy, great council. Hire him, you'll be on your way to the next chapter of your life.

    - Arnold P.

    Snohomish, WA
  • Spectacular Law Firm
    I have been represented by Albert and this law firm in several cases and the results have been awesome. It is truly wonderful to be represented by attorneys that truly cared about me and my family.

    - T.C.

    Lakewood, WA
  • Absolutely Recommended
    Albert is a professional who works non-stop to help us find a solution to our legal issue. He can be reached anytime of the day and gave us updates in a timely manner. I would gladly recommend Albert to all my friends and family.

    - Former Client

    Dupont, WA
  • My public defender is on 10 cases with mine and I was a nervous wreck, worrying about foreclosure due to legal matter. Alberto answered his own phone, was gracious, kind and helpful.
    This is an attorney with heart as well as expertise and even speaks plain English about the legal process. Happy to help even in my free brief consultation. I was having nerve issues with my health but hesitated to bother my public defender. Albert cared about me, not just the billable hour. I know I have an attorney to help me on the future.

    - Helped me make a plan to avoid losing my home after domestic dispute. Thank you!

  • He handled my case personally and best of all got my DUI case DISMISSED.
    Having to call an attorney for help was probably one of the scariest things I ever had to do. Who to call?? No idea. I got lucky and called the right attorney to help me with my DUI case. Albert was there to answer my questions and help me with the process. To sum it up, Albert was knowledgeable, personable, and professional. An attorney who really cares about you and knows what to do. He handled my case personally and best of all got my DUI case DISMISSED. I cannot recommend Albert enough! If you need help and want an attorney who will be there when you call, Albert is the one.

    - Former Client

  • I could not have asked for more.
    I can't say enough about the services I received from the Guadagno law, PLLC. After asking around with several other law groups, Albert responded quickly and walked me through the whole process from start to finish. Here I am more than two years later and he's still bending over backwards for me. He promised he'd be there for me all the way through the case and hasn't let me down. I would highly recommend.

    - Samuel

    Puyallup, WA
  • Always made himself available with updates and just go out of his way to stop by an check in on me meant a lot!
    Very caring and involved, willing to go above and beyond to fight for you. That I could call from jail after hours and he [Albert] always made himself available with updates and just go out of his way to stop by an check in on me meant a lot! Highly recommend. Thank you so much for your help

    - Tino

  • Thank you Albert
    Albert helped resolve an almost hopeless case with the best possible results. He had my boyfriend out of custody and the case resolved in a week and a half. Albert is very professional, very helpful and always available to answer our calls and numerous questions. I would highly recommend Albert and if I ever need an attorney again he will be the first person I call!

    - Erin

    Renton, WA
  • You will not be disappointed. Since then I have recommended him any chance I could and still do.
    I can't say enough how great Alberto is ! I met him in a court room, I had no representation and Alberto gave me some great advise on the spot! He didn't have to do anything but he did, after that I used him again and he pulled me out of a huge Jam and went above and beyond my expectations. You will not be disappointed. Since then I have recommended him any chance I could and still do. Albert is a true Pro.

    - Brent

  • It was clear from the first conversations we had with him that Albert's compassion for his clients is a unique treasure in the legal community.
    When my daughter got into DUI trouble, I was forced to find a defense attorney for her. In the giant "Lawyer Lotto" game, I was extremely fortunate to have won Albert for the task. Despite my daughter's nearly debilitating fear of the consequences (I wish she'd had these fears BEFORE the DUIs), Albert went out of his way to try to calm her without minimizing the seriousness of the situation. It was clear from the first conversations we had with him that Albert's compassion for his clients is a unique treasure in the legal community. Not only that, he was instrumental in negotiating a completely satisfactory outcome to the whole situation. I am fortunate to consider him a friend as well as my counsel of choice. I can't give a higher recommendation than that!'

    - Former Client

  • There were two of us in trouble with the same charges, Albert got me a better deal and less fine for exactly the same charge.
    When I needed some legal help, Albert was very helpful and always there and available when I needed an answer. I would use him in the future, but hope I do not have to. There were two of us in trouble with the same charges, Albert got me a better deal and less fine for exactly same charge. Outstanding.

    - Scott

  • He handled the case personally with a great end result. 'Thank you' will never be enough to show my appreciation!
    About two years ago, I made an unfortunate mistake and found myself in trouble. I have never been in any trouble before. I was terrified. I had been charged with a Misdemeanor. I came to Alberto and he amazingly took care of my case. I really recommend Alberto to anyone in need of the best legal help you can get. His knowledge of the courts, proceedings, and years in the legal field honing his skills all combine to provide truly amazing possibilities when considering your potential outcomes. He handled the case personally with a great end result. 'Thank you' will never be enough to show my appreciation!

    - FE

  • Alberto handled the situation so very well. He jumped in with both feet and expedited the entire process.
    Two years ago, a situation arose requiring me to employ the services of an attorney for one of my family members. I wanted someone who would not only represent us but also provide solid, sound, realistic advice. I found Alberto to review the situation. Alberto handled the situation so very well. He jumped in with both feet and expedited the entire process. All the while the consummate professional, Alberto also was quite personable and friendly. He also informed me when I was opening myself up to potential liability. As a client, I expected and received solid advice, professional service, and a great result to my situation. Additionally, I did not expect, but I received empathy and understanding. In overall, Alberto provided the best service I could have asked for, including prompt service and communication. I would really recommend Alberto to anyone in an unfortunate situation. Thank you Alberto!

    - S

  • I have worked with a number of different lawyers over the past two decades for both personal and professional matters and have to say that Albert is without doubt the best advocate and advisor that I have had.
    I have had a great experience with Albert in every association that we have had. He has been very effective both in representing me in hearings and negotiations as well as in providing counsel and advice in a variety of situations. His attention to detail has saved me in several instances where my procrastination had caused major problems. He is very professional, but also has a good sense of humor and nonjudgmental attitude that put me at ease. I have worked with a number of different lawyers over the past two decades for both personal and professional matters and have to say that Albert is without doubt the best advocate and advisor that I have had. His experience is extensive and many things fall within his area of expertise. Further, when I have had legal needs which he felt would be best served by a different attorney, he has always steered me in the right direction and found me appropriate counsel. I can recommend him without hesitation.

    - James

  • Alberto was incredible at helping me get this reduced to a traffic infraction and the fine greatly reduced.
    I was recently caught up in a traffic ticket that was originally written up as a criminal one. Alberto was incredible at helping me get this reduced to a traffic infraction and the fine greatly reduced. I can not tell you how distressed I was before working with Alberto. I am a mom and a tax paying citizen with a clean record so this was very frightening. I am so glad that I hired him. He was incredible and made me feel as much at ease as possible during the process. Thanks Alberto! I will refer you if ever I have the opportunity!

    - Former Client

  • His knowledge and suggestions were critical to a very well formed final set of documents.
    Alberto did an excellent job in drawing up a very complicated set of living wills, power of attorney and will documents as well as aided in detailed estate planning. His knowledge and suggestions were critical to a very well formed final set of documents.

    - Former Client

  • He also followed up after he delivered the final documents to me to confirm that all of my questions and concerns had been addressed. I highly recommend Alberto.
    I hired Alberto to create my will & testament. While wills aren't necessarily a pleasant thing to think about, Alberto made the process of creating this vital set of documents very smooth. He was extremely professional & thorough during the entire process. He spent as much time as I needed to review the draft and final documents & answer all of my questions. He also followed up after he delivered the final documents to me to confirm that all of my questions and concerns had been addressed. I highly recommend Alberto.

    - Will

  • When people go through a rough time, caring, convincing, and timeliness responses mean a lot. was very helpful for us to hear from you right away and offering the services and advice. even though we haven't met in person, it was very convincing and helpful. we felt that you cared and offered your expertise. sharing your experiences that can help us with the issue was most appreciated. your timely response is much appreciated. when people go through a rough time, caring, convincing, and timeliness responses mean a lot. we feel now much more comfortable going through this unexpected situation.

    - Former Client

  • Not only was he non-judgmental about my situation, he had true empathy for my predicament.
    I highly recommend Guadagno Law, PLLC! Due to fate and poor judgement I found myself in need of a defense attorney, a first in my life. Fortunately, fate also led my internet search to Albert (it was a delicate situation I didn't want to advertise by asking acquaintances for recommendations). I have nothing but praise for every aspect of my interaction with Albert. Not only was he non-judgmental about my situation, he had true empathy for my predicament. I believe his experience as a prosecutor and a defense attorney gives him a unique insight to the system and allows him to use his many relationships to achieve the best possible outcome. He did this for me. The other positive is Albert bends over backwards to ensure he is available for any questions and very responsive when contacted. Finally, Albert stresses that he is there for you not only during the process but as far beyond as needed. I'm a very satisfied client.

    - Happy Client

  • I really appreciated the times he brought a little levity to the table too, it was much needed and this was an extremely stressful time.
    Albert was extremely helpful and hardworking on my case. I really appreciated the times he brought a little levity to the table too, it was much needed and this was an extremely stressful time. Great guy, great sense of humor and very understanding. I thank him so much for all of his hard work and support! Thank you again Albert!

    - Anonymous

    Seattle, WA
  • You will not be disappointed. Since then I have recommended him any chance I could and still do.
    I can't say enough how great Alberto is ! I met him in a court room, I had no representation and Alberto gave me some great advise on the spot! He didn't have to do anything but he did, after that I used him again and he pulled me out of a huge Jam and went above and beyond my expectations. You will not be disappointed. Since then I have recommended him any chance I could and still do. Albert is a true Pro.

    - Brent

  • Even though there where countless court appearances and a lot more involved than anyone had anticipated, Albert continued to work tirelessly towards a positive outcome for me.
    I met Alberto Guadagno in 2009 under less than pleasant circumstances. I was being brought up on charges that would make a lifelong impact on not only my record, but on my personal and professional life. I consider myself a good judge of character, and after meeting Albert I was convinced that he would do his best for me. I was not disappointed. I was offered a reasonable flat fee for them to undertake the case. While we all had high hopes that these charges would be settled quickly, the case ended up becoming complicated and dragging out to almost a year. Even though there where countless court appearances and a lot more involved than anyone had anticipated, Albert continued to work tirelessly towards a positive outcome for me. When it was all said and done we got the case dismissed, with the judge sealing the case, never to be reopened again. Albert is a true professional, and anyone fortunate enough to be represented by him should consider themselves very lucky indeed.

    - A

  • Good job
    You made me feel at ease. I felt confident you would do all you said you would. Thank you for being my Lawyer.

    - Tomas V.

    Seattle, WA